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Enjoy the benefits of a custom massage designed especially for YOU... Fairfield, CT

At Health Touch in Fairfield CT, you have many choices of pain relieving, revitalizing, relaxing therapies. I will make suggestions as to what I feel would be most beneficial, but the ultimate decision is yours.  As long as your choice is safe for you, it’s your body and your massage.


Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

NMT is an effective, comprehensive system of soft tissue manipulation that balances your central nervous system with your muscular system. Neuromuscular therapy is based on neurological and physiological laws that describe how your body creates and maintains pain. NMT addresses the cause of pain rather than just the symptoms.

Neuromuscular Massage

Neuromuscular Massage is not a full body massage. Rather, it is directed to the parts of the body that contribute to pain and dysfunction. Muscle spasms and contracted tissue are located and released. NMT eliminates trigger points that cause referred pain, enhances venous and lymphatic flow and tissue flexibility. Neuromuscular therapy includes looking at diet and lifestyle because they have a tremendous impact on your muscles and your nervous system.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

When you think of massage, you probably think of Swedish massage. Swedish is basic relaxation massage. It is more general than neuromuscular therapy which is specific and targeted. It includes kneading, rolling, tapping and vibration, using oil or cream to reduce friction on the skin. Benefits include improved circulation, reduction of swelling and pain from injury, and general relaxation.

Pre/Post Natal Massage

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby in the making. Massage assists the expectant mother by relieving the load on the heart and normalizing blood pressure. It aids circulation to help prevent varicose veins. Increased blood circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to mother and fetus.

Prenatal-massage encourages endorphin release to relieve anxiety and depression caused by hormonal fluctuations and body image concerns. Massage during pregnancy eases neck, back, shoulder pain, sciatica and reduces swelling in hands, feet, and ankles. Expectant moms fall asleep more easily and sleep more deeply after a massage.

Postnatal Massage

After delivery new moms face many new responsibilities and lifestyle changes at a time when they are physically and emotionally exhausted. Postnatal massage:

  •  relieves the physical stress of delivery

  •  provides relaxation

  •  relieves emotional stress

  •  reduces fluid retention

  •  helps to rebalance the pelvis

If you have delivered by Caesarian, you can have Manual Lymphatic Drainage as soon as you can travel. It is a very light touch therapy that reduces discomfort and fluid retention, speeds the healing process and helps your body to eliminate anesthesia more efficiently.

Myofascial Massage

Myofascial Release

Fascia can be considered the original body stocking. It covers every muscle, bone, nerve, and organ and literally keeps you from being a pile of muscles and organs lying haphazardly on the ground.


Poor posture, trauma, stress, and injuries can cause facial restrictions. Because the facial envelope is a seamless, interconnected web, tightness, or restriction in one area can cause tightness and restriction in other areas. The condition of the fascia affects muscle tone and the effectiveness of a therapeutic massage.


In indirect Myofascial release, the therapist applies a gentle stretch with just a few grams of pressure. The therapist follows the fascia as it unwinds. Release of the restricted fascia produces heat and increased blood flow in the area. The intention is to allow the body's inherent ability for self-correction to return, restoring the optimum performance of the body. This process can take some time and is very relaxing. Because it is so gentle, it is appropriate for those who cannot tolerate deeper pressure.


Myofascial release can be incorporated into a therapeutic massage or performed as an entire session. The goal of Myofascial release is to free facial restriction and restore its balance.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT)

The proper functioning of the lymphatic system is critical to our body's ability to operate at peak performance. This system drains fluids, detoxifies and regenerates tissues, filters out toxins and foreign substances and helps us maintain a healthy immune system. If lymph circulation stagnates, toxins accumulate and compromise cellular functioning, which opens the way to physical illness. LDT is recommended pre- and post-operatively. The lymphatic system, unlike the circulatory system, has no pump. Disease, trauma, stress, toxicity, and other factors can cause it to become sluggish and stagnate. When this happens, Lymphatic drainage therapy can assist the lymphatic system in its many tasks.


Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is a light touch therapy that uses gentle, wave like movements that move the lymph along its pathway.


Benefits include:

  • Reduction of edema (swelling) .

  • Detoxification of the body.

  • Relief of numerous chronic and acute inflammations, including sinusitis and bronchitis

  • Relief of chronic pain.

  • Regeneration of tissue, including burns, wounds, stretch marks and wrinkles.

  • Stimulation of the immune system.

  • Reduction in the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

  • Anti spastic actions to relieve conditions such as muscle tension and some forms of constipation.

  • Deep relaxation to aid insomnia, stress, loss of vitality and loss of memory.

  • Anti-aging effects.

  • Preparation of the pre-operative patient

  • Acceleration of post-operative healing and the elimination of anesthesia from the body

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